Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Maslow, the 20th Century Psycho of the Hierarchy of Needs

My basic physical needs are taken care of. I would put family from Love/Belonging in the Safety category, then it is taken care of as well. Esteem and Self-actualization should come before Love/Belonging. I would say I am working on the level of Esteem and Self-actualization at the same time.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st

Today is Monday. We are back from Thanksgiving break. Over the long weekend I spent time with my family, ate good food, performed 4 shows of The Christmas Schooner (which I am very glad is over), watched the first snow, and also had friends and family night for our travelling theatre show, A Big Hand for the Little Man. Oh yeah... and we won state!!!!
Now there are only two and a half weeks left of school before semesters and Christmas break. The end of this semester means I am done with PE for good, and I get to take art and writing as art and advanced tech next semester. It also means it's getting closer to spring! Spring is the best time of the school year. It means graduation! And senior trip! And spring break! And the play! Mr. Bradbury and Roger Wainwright are writing the show for us and KB is directing it. It will be a coop with Routt and we will perform "in the round" at Buena Vista, that big red barn looking building on the way to Jacksonville. I am very excited about all aspects of this year's show, but mostly I'm just glad we're having one.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, Sweet Revenge You've Lied Again

Revenge is bad news. It wasn't a good thing in Hamlet's 'time' and it isn't today either. It is wrong to pursue because it's not our job as humans to seek revenge. When we try to seek revenge it's because we are still holding a grudge against someone or something. Wanting revenge keeps us chained up. The only way to get free is through forgiveness, not by getting revenge.
If Hamlet had completely refused forgiving his uncle as an option, it would've been ok for him to just prove to everyone the truth about his uncle by putting on that play then calling him out about it. I understand that Hamlet was extremely upset over the loss of his father but it was not right for him to take matters into his own hands by killing his uncle. He should have only exposed him and let the law take over. And look what happened in the end. Hamlet got his revenge and still nothing good came out of it.
I also think it's especially wrong that revenge is encouraged in our sports teams. By putting up a huge sign that says "revenge" in our hallways it's telling kids that's ok. It is not ok and it shouldn't be taught, promoted, or accepted.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America Got It Wrong

I resent this question.
Yesterday I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin on my 18th birthday. I had a wonderful birthday until about 10:00p.m. when FOX announced Barack Obama as the winner of the presidential election. This is the worst thing that could possibly happen to our country. And it's our country's fault. I was very upset and had been trying not to think about it, but since this is the blog starter, here we go...
Obama didn't want to talk about race during the campaign, but now that's all I've heard. We elected this man President because he is a black man. That must be the reason because I know America didn't choose him for his perfect plans and policies. He likes socialism, which is just mild communism. I prefer to distribute my own wealth, thank you. Basically what it all comes down to is this. I don't trust Barack Obama. He does not have good character. He does not have experience. He doesn't even have a good vice president who believes in him and can guide him through his presidency without shooting off at the mouth ignorant words without thinking.
Good character makes good leaders. That is why I voted for John McCain and still support him. He of all people deserved to be President.
But none of this matters now. There's nothing else I can do about this, but pray. And I have decided to pray for Obama's presidency. The end of the world could be near, or God could just change him and work this tragedy for good, like I trust Him to do.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is one of many conflicts I've had, some resolved and some not. Three of my best friends and I were in an unspoken fight for a long time this summer. One of them was an old friend who hadn't been very close to the other two of my new friends. One new friend and I had gone to Kansas City to audition for American Idol and when we came back my other new friend and my old friend had become best friends. We hadn't expected anything to change, so we were really surprised to find that this had happened. We were glad for their friendship, but we felt left out of this new relationship. I don't think they realized it, but they ignored us for about a month. And one night it finally boiled over and our frustration came out.

We were all at a birthday party and the two new friends decided to leave and go drive around the lake, which made us mad because the only reason that we came to the party was because they wanted to be there. So we called them and they came back and we all sat out on the porch and had a talk. I think that in a strong friendship you can be completely honest. So that's what we did. We said exactly what we felt. They didn't take it as well as we had hoped. And our friendship is still not the same now. But we forgave each other and we are no longer fighting.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thursday, October 23, 2008
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